aiming to create photographs
that transcend time and trends

Timeless frames delivered with style and love

Photography is art - and so is every single wedding. Tiny details that were developed over months, unique love stories, million tears and laughs, a beautiful mix of emotions throughout an entire day. This is a once in a lifetime event that needs to be captured in the best possible way from beginning to end.

My style is a mix of creative compositions and spontaneous moments. Regarding my editing, I do true to colour, which means my pictures are never that different from real life. I always aim to be at the right place the right time, catching those perfect lights and paying full attention to you, your beloved ones and all the little details. From personal experience I understand how important your wedding day is, how the whole day feels like a fairytale and that's exactly why I try to capture every single moment in an honest, artistic, timeless way.